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AED Vantage is an internationally successful electronics specialist. Being an automotive industry partner, we develop customised solutions and manufacture them on our own machines.

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AED Vantage fosters an open corporate culture and celebrates a true team spirit. For this, there is one simple reason: only together can we be at the top in all areas at the same time! That is why we focus on individuality and diversity. In turn, this philosophy enriches our concept of customised engineering and convinces automotive companies in many countries.

Diverse opportunities. Innovative work.

At AED Vantage, we are used to communicating and interacting ideas with each other. Quite simply - everyone gets along with everyone, even our CEO. We question habits, take the initiative and always break new ground. To achieve this, we also work together to use the potential of each individual, improve performance, and make the daily job an exciting one that inspires new ideas.

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