CruEther [ˈkɹuzə˞ ]

CruEther – Simplify Testing, Amplify Results

The Automotive Ethernet media converters from our CruEther product family facilitate the conversion of Automotive Ethernet signals into standard Ethernet signals. This capability empowers developers to seamlessly access, calibrate, diagnose, and update vehicle data.

CruEther 10G with STP cable

CruEther 10G Media Converter

The AEC-1S-10GT1-SFP Converter enables the conversion between 10GBASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet and 10G Ethernet. It is suitable for systems with standard SFP+ (Small Form-factor Pluggable) ports implementing a 10 Gbps full-duplex communication. A shielded twisted pair cable can be plugged into the converter through a standard H-MTD connector.

CruEther 10G without top enclosure


  • 10GBASE-T1 to BASE-X, USXGMII, BASE-R, XFI full duplex conversion
  • Configurable speed grade (2.5G, 5G, 10G)
  • Configurable Master/Slave mode
  • MACsec support
  • TC10 Wakeup support
  • PTP time stamping
  • Fits in standard SFP+ port
  • H-MTD connector with STP for high-speed communication
  • 3.3 V power supply over SFP+ connector
  • Marvell chipset
  • Link-status / activity LEDs

Technical Data

  • Power Level 1 module
  • Automotive Ethernet 2.5G/5G/10G-T1 media converter IEEE 802.3ch-2020 compliant
  • Multi-speed SerDes supports 2.5GBASE-X, 2500BASE-X, 5G-USXGMII, 10G-USXGMII, 5GBASE-R, XFI system
  • EEE 802.1AS, 802.1AS-REV–Precision Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications
  • IEEE 1588 Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol
  • IEEE 802.1AE-2018 MACsec with 128/256-bit AEC encryption
  • Open Alliance TC10 Sleep/Wake
  • Operating Temperature range -40°C ~ +85°C
  • 15m max Shielded Twisted Pair cable length
CruEther 10G from different angels


Automotive Ethernet data acquisition with the CruEther 10G connected to an ethernet switch
CruEther 100M PCB side

CruEther 100M Media Converter

With our CruEther 100M, you just need an USB port to connect to your ECU over 100BASE-T1. The converter is designed for maximum simplicity – just connect to your standard laptop. Use the Server/Slave standard Plug-n-Play flashed pre-configuration, your PC will create a new network interface and you can start the communication with your ECU. You will be able to rewrite the configuration and change the adapter’s behavior on the fly thanks to the script tool provided. The adapters have different loopback test modes to validate your connectivity or can be used as a normal automotive ethernet interface.

CruEther 100M


Available with our order code AEC-1MM-100T1-USB – for ordering please contact

CruEther 10M & 1G

10BASE-T1S & 1000BASE-T1

Available soon Q3 2024

CruEther 100M PCB top


  • USB3 Interface
  • 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbit/s ethernet interface
  • Standard LAN78xx drivers network interface for Linux and Windows
  • Compatible with OPEN Alliance SIG
  • Preconfigured as Server or Slave. Reconfiguration possible through script tool
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