Dynamic Interior Lightning

Dynamic Interior Lightning

Dynamic automotive Interior lightning

We have many years of experience in the design of dynamic lightning concepts. Therefore, we develop customised as well as highly scalable components and systems for the automotive interior lighting of the future.

We know our customers’ demands very well and attach great importance to the safety of the occupants. That’s why our intelligent lightning concepts include visual effects that guide attention in the vehicle. For this purpose, we focus on Dynamic Ambient Lightning, Functional Lightning Solutions, and Automotive High-Speed Lightning, among others.

Automotive lightning -
Tailored to your needs

AED Vantage develops interior lightning solutions from baseline concept to market for automotive customers worldwide. Therefore, our services include:

  • The design of interior lightning systems, including adaptation to the architecture of a specific vehicle.
  • The use of modern technologies such as ILaS, ISELED, MeLiBu etc.
  • Generic software solutions
  • Hardware according to a modular system