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Passenger Monitoring

Intelligent passenger monitoring – Designed for safety

Nowadays, up to 25 percent of all car accidents can be attributed to a distraction from the driver. Yet they could be prevented – for example, by a powerful and reliable driver monitoring system (DMS)! The DMS we develop is ideal for everyday use on the road. They are equipped with numerous sensors and can detect a wide range of potential distractions, including dangerous activities by the driver.

Are you interested but do not want to neglect the other occupants of the car? Then AED Vantage will provide your DMS with additional safety and security functions. If you wish to go one step further, we can develop a complete Occupant Monitoring System (OMS) that can offer you numerous advantages. But why? Because comprehensive cabin monitoring is the best way to meet future safety requirements of mobility. In addition, an OMS from AED Vantage can detect risks that are not directly related to driving.

Basically, AED Vantage DMS or OMS always focuses on the safety of the vehicle occupants! But they can do much more. For example, they are able to activate user-related functions, automatically adjust vehicle settings, and much more. If objects are forgotten inside a car, the system automatically alerts you.

Driver Monitoring System / DMS

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Our driver monitoring systems offer maximum safety and comfort to the vehicle. Depending on your needs, we integrate a wide range of functions, such as:

  • Distraction Detection
  • Drowsiness Detection
  • Obstruction Detection
  • Driver Identity Recognition
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Driver Status
  • Video Output
  • Driver Seatbelt
  • Driver Phone Usage

Occupant Monitoring System / OMS

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Our occupant monitoring systems (OMS) provide valuable information about the comfort and safety of passengers. This includes, for example:

  • Occupancy Detection
  • Occupant Seatbelt Detection
  • Child Seat Detection
  • Objects Detection
  • Occupants Identity
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