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Validation Products

Systemic testing – optimizing development and saving costs

Increasing complexity and the number of vehicle components, as well as ever newer modern vehicle functions, increase the demands on the scope of testing. Early validation of your products and product properties will help you keep development times short and save costs. Discover our portfolio of validation products.

SerDes Logging Adapter

The SLA is a high-precision Serdes scenarios and RADAR data-logging and replay solution to enable your testing and validation activities for the development of ADAS and automated driving functions.

ZoanR [ˈzoʊnə˞ ]

Access any Automotive Ethernet-based network, record your Ethernet traffic with precise time stamps and send the tapped data to your logging device.

CruEther [ˈkɹuzə˞ ]

Our slimline media converters from the CruEther product family facilitate the conversion of Automotive Ethernet signals into standard Ethernet.


Test your ECU at an early stage of development without having to set up the physical chain of effects.
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