Partnership AED Innoviz
22. April 2024

Partnership with Innoviz

At AED Vantage, we benefit from our close relationships with partners and customers in our daily work. For us, partnerships are firmly anchored in our values and are fundamental – together we win by building, maintaining and expanding our networks. We are therefore delighted to announce our partnership with Innoviz, a global leader in LiDAR sensor technologies.

The world as we know it – it will become autonomous.

AED and Innoviz share a common goal: to bring autonomous driving to fruition by ensuring the robustness and reliability of autonomous driving functions, spanning from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to full Autonomous Driving (AD) functionalities. The validation of automated driving functions requires data based on real-world driving scenes and precisely recorded, from vehicle sensors such as LiDAR, camera, or radar. This results in a wealth of information that not only has to be evaluated, but also the right data must be available in the appropriate quality and quantity.

Vehicles use different sensors – so everything is covered.

Current technologies, as mentioned camera and radar, designed for automated vehicles to operate more precisely, are improving vehicle safety overall. However, they still lack important qualities needed for drivers to be able to relax behind the wheel. This is where many camera systems fall short, they operate similarly to the human eye and can be easily disrupted by inclement weather. Camera and radar are also insufficient when it comes to detecting small objects on the road from far away. This is important in highway scenarios and less-populated areas where cars are driving fast and need to identify dangers in the road in advance. Innoviz´s LiDAR technology and perception software provide OEM´s with the layer of advanced safety features and certainly they need to ensure all objects in a driving environment are perceived and accurately identified for automated driving systems. LiDAR technology is critical for redundancy and functional safety because it performs when cameras and radar fail.

Simplify Sensor Data Logging

Sensors, like LiDAR, generate an enormous amount of data, which have to be interpreted by many control units in the vehicle. For validation of the system, sensor data needs to be recorded in test-vehicles. On the one hand, the difficulty lies in forwarding the data to the ECU with low latency without disturbing normal operation. On the other hand, the data packets must be time-stamped at the same time, optionally compressed live, packetized, and finally send to a data logger. AED’s SerDes Logging Adapter (SLA) provides a high-precision solution for data logging and playback, that allows you to perform this test and validation activities for the development of ADAS and automated driving functions. It serves as a data bridge between the sensors and the ECUs. So, it manages lossless and without noticeable delays transmission, provides high-precision time-stamping and optional compression and decompression. The SLA can be used for data recording in a test vehicle or for data playback in a HiL environment.

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